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History of US Postal Stationery       ID Guide for the Circular Dies        ID Guide:  Reay or Plimpton 1 cent           


U19 Counterfeit Entire         Accidental Fake:  U586b


More Accidental Fakes!        Many Faces of the Die 12 Forgeries            Mother Nature Fools Experts!  UO72a


Many Faces of the Die 9 Forgeries    Many Faces of the Die 10 Forgeries    Many Faces of the Die 11 Forgeries


Fakes & Forgeries of the 1876 Centennial Envelopes


Domestic Airmail Postal Cards & Rates     Checklist of US Picture Postal Cards


Die 12 Counterfeit Entire #2                        Blackjack Forgeries, 4th Nesbitt 2˘              Analysis of the Dawson Collection


Counterfeits, fakes, forgeries & other oddities of U.S. Airmail Postal Stationery


Fakes of the 1920 Provisional Surcharges


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U.S. Mint Entires:  Classic & Essays (U1-U378)                Modern part 1(U379-U531) Modern part 2(U532-)            Air Mail & Official(UC & UO)                     


U.S. Used Entires:  Classic               Modern          Air Mail & Official          


 U.S. Cut Squares:  Classic               Modern          Air Mail, Officials & Essays


Mint U.S. Postal Cards         Used U.S. Postal Cards        


U.S. Postal Stationery EFOs                        SPECIMEN U.S. Postal Stationery


Penalty Overprinted U.S. Postal Stationery                       Precancel U.S. Postal Stationery


US Pictorial Permit Postal Stationery


U.S. First Day of Issue Postal Stationery         United Nations FDC


Canal Zone Postal Stationery              United Nations Postal Stationery


Cuba Postal Stationery         Philippine Postal Stationery             Israel Postal Stationery



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            Price lists, credentials, articles and links.