JOBI Philatelic Services:  Information Sheet


This is not a price list.  See appropriate net price list for price/availability.

2012 USPS Postal Stationery Emissions


            This listing will be updated as announcements and emissions occur.


NOTE:  x(y) = face value (actual cost) 

        IE:  23(25)¢ means face value is 23¢ but purchase price from the Postal Service is 25¢


Scott#       UPSS#    Description               


            Postal Cards


UX627          S641A    Sailboats Forever stamped postal card, 32(35 Singles, sheets of 40

                     S641Aa  Sailboats Forever reprinted

                     S641B    Sailboats Forever stamped postal card, sheets of 40


PIXAR “Mail a Smile”:  set 5

UX632a           S642a-S646a  Forever stamped postal cards, booklet of 20, 4 sets of 5; $6.40($15.95)

UX628             S642    A Bug’s Life (1998)

UX629             S643    Finding Nemo (2003)

UX630             S644    The Incredibles (2004).

UX631             S645    Monsters, Inc. (2001)

UX632             S646    Toy Story 2 (1999)


UX633             S641c  Sailboats Forever stamped postal card, packs of 10 perforated sheets of 4, $14.10


                        Scenic American Landscapes:  set 10

UX643a           S647a-S656a  Forever premium stamped cards, booklet of 20, 2 sets of 10; $9.00($15.95)

UX634             S647 13 Mile Woods

UX635             S648    Glacier National Park
UX636             S649    Grand Teton National Park
UX637             S650    Hagatna Bay, Guam
UX638             S651    Lancaster County
UX639             S652    Niagara Falls
UX640             S653    Nine Mile Prairie
UX641             S654    Okefenokee Swamp
UX642             S655    Rio Grande
UX643             S656    Voyageurs National Park




Message/Reply postal cards

 UY50              MR60 Forever 32+32(35+35 Double reply card, sailboats


            Envelopes       UPSS numbers are in dispute pending final decision by the catalog committee  1/25/14


            Purple Martin Forever stamped envelope 45(56)¢


   U677            3949-XIII        6 ¾ plain front

   U677            3950-XIII        6 ¾ window

   U678            3951-XIII        9 plain front

   U678            3952-XIII        9 window

   U678            3953-XIII        10 plain

   U678            3954-XIII        10 window

   U678            3964-X2011    10 plain


   U677            3955-XIII        6 ¾ plain front

   U677            3956-XIII        6 ¾ window

   U678            3957-XIII        9 plain front

   U678            3958-XIII        9 window

   U678            3959-XIII        10 plain

   U678            3960-XIII        10 window

   U678            3965-X2011    9 plain front

   U678            3966-X2011    10 plain front

   U678            3967-X2011    10 window


            Liberty Bell Forever stamped envelope 45(56


  U667b           3961-X2011    10 plain front


  U667b           3962-X2011    10 plain front

  U667c            3963-X2011    10 window      


                        Priority Mail Envelope


   U676            SU 9    $5.15 Sunshine Skyway Bridge Priority Mail stamped envelope