JOBI Philatelic Services: Information Sheet

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2011 USPS Postal Stationery Emissions


This listing will be updated as announcements and emissions occur.


NOTE: x(y) = face value (actual cost)

IE: 29(32) means face value is 29 but purchase price from the Postal Service is 32


Per the 16 December, 2010 "Postal Bulletin," the USPS will issue/re-issue/reprint the Liberty Bell Forever stamped envelope in six water-activated formats. The first day will be 3 January, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri. This version will apparently be available nationwide, compared to the previous versions that were only available through the personalized stamp envelope program. The production specs suggest a re-orientation of the contents (logos) printed on the back of the envelope.

The 44c Seabiscuit stamped envelope will be phased out.

Scott# UPSS# Description


Postal Cards

UX621 S635A 29(32) common tern, single

S635B 29(32) common tern, sheet format


Pixar Films: Send a Hello

UX622 S636 Buzz Lightyear and two aliens from Toy Story

UX623 S637 Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars

UX624 S638 Carl and Dug from Up

UX625 S639 Remy the rat and Linguini from Ratatouille

UX626 S640 the robot Wall-E from Wall-E

UX622a S636a-S649a booklet of 20, 4 each of 5 different designs


Message/Reply postal cards

UY49 MR59 29+29(64) common tern



U667b Liberty Bell Forever, multicolor FOREVER

U667c Liberty Bell Forever, copper colored FOREVER


'Liberty Bell' Forever Stamped Envelope, new orientation of logos on back

6 plain front

6 window

9 plain front

9 window

10 plain

10 window


Priority Mail Envelope

U675 $4.95 ($24.75/pk 5) New River Gorge Bridge Priority Mail envelope